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Upper Barbee Lake

Acres: 69
Thermocline (summer): 14 to 18 feet
Fish Population: Bluegill,perch, black crappie, redear, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed, longear,warmouth, bullheads, northern pike, white bass, rock bass, smallmouth bass, white crappie, channel catfish, suckers, gar, carp, shiners,brook silversides, bowfin, grass pickerel, logperch, gizzard shad and hybrid sunfish. 
Aquatic Vegetation: Milfoil, chara (most common), coontail, curlyleaf pondweed, cattail and waterl lily are also present. Spatteredock is primarily restricted to a few isolated patches and in the channel between Irish and Sawmill lakes. 
Bottom Types: Marl, sand, muck. 
Best Fishing: Bluegill, perch,crappie and largemouth bass.

Upper Barbee Lake

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