Why I Love being a Realtor

  I wrote this blog back in 2012 after having a few years as a Realtor under my belt. I came across it recently and wondered how much my attitude towards this business has changed since this post. I'm happy to report that it's NONE!! I continue to be blessed by those that I serve and it's always humbling when I get invited to cookouts, weddings, baptisms, and golf outings by my clients.  I look forward to serving my future clients with the same enthusiasm as I did with those that came before them and hopefully many more events in their lives they are willing to share with me!


client Christmas Tree  There are as many reasons why people get into the Real Estate business as there are Realtors. Many come from a family lineage in the business, some for the pursuit of achieving personal success, others to prove to themselves they can make it on their own.
Whatever your reason, it's nice to be reminded of what it is we really do. We help people achieve home ownership, whether it be for the first time or the tenth time. Today I received the best reminder and thanks I could ever get. A couple, who I helped to purchase their first home back in August, sent me this picture with the caption "The tree is up, our first Christmas in our new home!
How awesome it was to know that someone I helped to find a home had taken the time to share with me such a personal experience with their new home. These are the moments I cherish and am thankful for. 

  It is such a blessing to have the ability and opportunity to be a Realtor and that's why I love being a Realtor

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