Home Showing Tips in a Pinch!

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If you're here reading this post chances are you're in need of some quick tips in a pinch. Here I have 5 tips to prepare your home for a showing in 60 minutes or less.


1. Laundry

Depending on where you go while your home is being shown many times there is dirty laundry needing to be done in a basket somewhere. For a super quick fix transfer it into the washing machine or into a laundry basket and stick it into the trunk of your car. Better to be out of buyer's sight!

2. Smell

Don't use the canned spray air fresheners!! They tend to put of a "I'm trying to cover up a bad smell by spraying this vibe". Instead have some vanilla extract on hand and put two full caps in an oven safe dish and place in 300 degree oven while preparing your home. Turn off oven before you leave.

3. Surfaces

Do a quick wipe down of all top surfaces, door knobs, and light switches always hitting the kitchen and bathrooms the hardest (they get the dirtiest so the need to appear the cleanest). Instead of using bleach and other harsh chemicals use a water and vinegar mixture. The vinegar is much less offensive smelling and the smell goes away much quicker. 

4. Candles

Light 1-2 candles if you forgo the earlier option of using the vanilla option. If you choose to light a candle or leave on a wax burner be considerate of those with sensitive noses. Scents that are less offensive include vanilla, peppermint, citrus, and lavendar. Avoid manufactured smells and stick with more natural smelling products. (Another great option is an essential oil defuser)

5. Carpets

Do a quick deodorize with baking soda. Sprinkle in major traffic areas of carpet, let sit for 10-15 minutes and quickly sweep up. This will make your home smell fresh and look fresher.


Thanks again for stopping by, and good luck in selling your home!



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